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Feb 23, 2013 6:00pm EST
tails ahead of it. we have a lot of rain in the southern u.s. and with a low developing a combination of rain or snow. we were involved in that rain this morning but they are getting additional snow in new england from that storm. there is more waiting in the wings. but what happened today? yesterday erp stuck around freezing all day long. today erp at 45 for the high. the low was 32 degrees and we're still in the 40's right now. how much rain fell today? >> .12 of an inch and .t 9 yesterday. that got us up to 5 inches for the year. we're below average for the season but not a serious deficit so far. and no snow. >> 45 degrees east. on the board walk 47. 43 frederick. in the 30's out in far western maryland. so the temperatures are fairly well and evenly distributed around the area. not extremely cold air coming in blind this system. you see part two of the storm and what is left of that big snow that fell out in the plain states. here is the coastal development that will push some moisture up into new england, part of which will be snow. but we're in the drier air. we hav
Feb 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
millions of particles of snow are bearing down on the northeastern u.s.. travel bans in effect. residents are being told to stand aside. >> that massive storm is expected to dump of multiple feet of snow and it could be a storm for the record books. sally kidd is in washington with the latest. >> we spend part of the day with forecasters at the national weather service. they say this is the result of two weather systems, lighting. the worst of it will hit tonight. at national weather service headquarters, winter storm forecasters are tracking a monster. >> as this storm moves up the coast. >> this could dump up to 3 feet of snow along with hurricane- force wind and coastal flooding. national weather service director is the expert on winter weather. he has written volumes on northeastern snowstorms. >> it's going to be very dangerous. if the magnitude pans out as we are predicting, it will go down clearly in the top 10. >> we have to have as many people off the roads as possible. >> we're expecting have accumulations of 10-14 inches across the five boroughs. >> where residents a
Feb 10, 2013 6:00pm EST
. cardiovascular disease kills one woman every minute in the u.s. and many never know they are at risk. it began as a faith-based education program in 2005 with three churches. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> the insta-weather forecast with john collins. >> it was a nice day and nice recovery from friday and saturday. we're seeing clouds moved into the picture. there is an anchor weather system coming in from iowa. rain is moving ahead of the storm system itself. temperatures will be. in tonight. -- temperatures will be dipping tonight. you can see the temperature is right now. gettysburg is 36. westminster is 37. tonight when the rain starts coming in, these readings may get below the freezing point. the rain may turn to freezing rain. most of the area will be warm enough that this will be a rainmaker. here is the storm moving in. release released on storm activity -- release strong storm activity in alabama. it is in minnesota and the dakotas. most of the snow will be up there. overnight, places north of us may have to deal with freezing rain. high pressure is
Feb 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
that makes sense. >> a lot of long stairs and nervous looks for u.s. senator ben cardin at a town hall style meeting for employees at the social security administration headquarters in woodlawn monday. most were concerned about being furloughed. >> we have had some assurance that it probably will not have a furlough. >> according to the white house, if congress does not work out a deal on the federal budget by friday, maryland stands to get hit in five main areas including military and law enforcement, education, public health, job training and child care, and the environment. >> people work for the federal government work for agencies that have no choice but to either lay people off or use the furlough process. that is going to happen. >> the center feels that a deal will not come by friday, but furloughs and job losses could take at least a month, giving lawmakers a little more time. possible cuts for maryland are among the harshest in the country, including 46,000 dot employees who could be furloughed and cuts for primary and secondary education, a drastic cuts toward infectiou
Feb 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
is out to sea and out of the range of the u.s. radar. nova scotia is getting a lot of snow right now. we cannot reach it on the radar. you can see snow up in the state of maine. cape cod is still getting snow. 1,500 miles to the west in missouri and arkansas, oklahoma, texas, into nebraska, there is something new. it is a new storm. the entire weather pattern has shifted to make it easier for a nor'easter to develop. this storm was the leading edge of that. there could be several more this month. but it's a pattern is developing. >> a pattern for developing these things is out there. >> i do not think this storm will follow that group. at the end of the week, there is something that looks suspicious. we will have to see how it develops. >> thank you so much for the latest on the weather. the storms. maryland us know. we saw plenty of wind. that led to plenty of power outages in the greater baltimore area. crews have restored power to about 4000 homes in the last 24 hours. utilities are reported only 64 homes without electricity at this hour. stay informed any time severe weather stri
Feb 21, 2013 6:00pm EST
. >> because oluoch is not a u.s. citizen, detectives said she will likely be deported as soon as she is finished serving her sentence. >> a crucial vote is expected in annapolis this evening on to very emotionally charged issues. >> the fate of a bill to repeal the death penalty, and the governors gun-control legislation are both in the hands of a senate committee. david collins joins us live from annapolis. >> there is a fascinating discussion underway at this hour as committee members try to amend the death penalty repeal bill. so far, they have carved out the victims fun, making the bill eligible to be petition to a ballot and let voters decide the issue. >> i am very conflicted on this issue and always have been. >> after years of agonizing mental gymnastics over the legal and emotional issues surrounding capital punishment, he now supports repealing the death penalty. how difficult a decision has this been for you? >> agonizing. the hardest decision i think i have ever had to make down there. >> this is also an evolution of opinion for the senator currie back in 2009 he was
Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
and another offshore in the pacific. they are all streaming down into the north central u.s. it is barely above zero at international falls. they were 30 below zero this morning. it is nine degrees in minneapolis right now. our temperatures tonight, 24 to 28. light snow will continue with minimal accumulations. white southwest wind is expected overnight. -- like southwest wind is expected overnight. by midnight, most of the first batch will be over. this indicates an inch or less in our area. tomorrow, our forecast is calling for 35 to 39. snow showers and possibility. mostly cloudy skies. west wind up 5 to 10 miles an hour. we have snow chances monday night into tuesday morning and then tuesday night and wednesday morning. daytime, we should see some sunshine. we will be up to near 40 by wednesday. the system late in the week is a rainmaker on friday. >> the ravens get their first cheer of the weekend. an update next in sports. >> this is 11 sports. >> the cheering has begun for the ravens in new orleans. the word has come out that jonathan ogden is heading to the hall of fame. th
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7